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Register your Marriage – Now fast and hassle-free

Marriage Certificate

Marriage Certificate

Register your Marriage – Now fast and hassle-free

Register your Marriage.  Once your marriage gets solemnized, your marriage certificate becomes the most crucial document. It acts as proof of your marriage. The government of NCT of Delhi has made it mandatory to get marriages registered, thereby acting as a legal binding to the people getting hooked. As evidence, a married person can present his/her Marriage Certificate to avail the following benefits-

Here are the benefits:-

  • He/she can apply for a passport easily, or if needed can include the name of his/her spouse name in it. For the latter, it is important that the applicant holds a valid marriage certificate.
  • He/she can open up a bank account after marriage if required. Once a woman gets married, she might like to change her surname. To get the new surname registered in the bank, or to open a new account with a new name, the marriage certificate becomes very essential.
  • Marriage certificates are also required when a person wants to apply for insurance policies or for joint home loans.
  • In case of marriage disputes, this certificate comes handy. A woman can present her marriage certificate in court if the need arises.

How to get a Marriage Certificate?

Marriage Certificate


As it has become highly necessary to register your marriage, what is no longer mandatory is going all the way to court multiple times and facing complications. The online portal initiated by the company is specially designed to facilitate people to register their marriage hassle-free and without any complexities. This online forum is very helpful for those who want to escape the multiple rounds of court. He or she can sit back at home and complete most of the process of marriage registration from the comfort of your home. All you have to do is Apply Online, Take an Appointment and get the certificate. Our team of efficient lawyers is always available to take you in the right direction.

Court Marriage

Court marriage is becoming the most sought-after marriage in India as it is legalized from the day you get married. In case of court marriages also, a person can visit the online portal and get his marriage registered with no extra difficulty.

NRI Marriage Registration

When it comes to NRI marriage registration, it becomes even more important. No matter where a person from Indian origin is staying, marriage has to be registered in India itself. For an NRI, the marriage certificate acts as a strong document of protection against falsification, abandonment, and all kinds of marital disputes which might occur in a foreign land. Please note that any court of law outside India would only consider only your marriage certificate as proof of marriage. Forget all the court rounds when registering the marriage is just a click away!

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