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Who we are:

We are leaders and Senior Advocates providing मैरिज रजिस्ट्रेशन Marriage Registration, Marriage Certificate or Court Marriage Services in Delhi NCR.

We handle all types of cases. With our Services you can get your Marriage Certificate quickly and easily.

Get Expert Services of Lawyer only and beware of fraudsters agents to get your Marriage Certificate

How We Help

Marriage Certificate



1. Please choose your plan/services for Marriage Certificate /Marriage Registration from the lawyer over telephonic talk.
2. Provide soft copies of the documents over whatsapp  (on the same number) or email:
3. We take print of the documents and send it to the Marriage Registrar office for verification purpose. Once the documents get verified, we visit your place to collect self attested copies of your documents.
4. On the day of visit of our executive please be ready with all the documents required.
5. We prepare a manual file and get all your documents verified from the Marriage Registrar office.
6. We prepare affidavits and get the attestation done from a Gazetted officer.
7. We get you the Marriage Registration Date within 10-15 days in normal process and 3-5 days in Tatkal process of collection of papers by us.
8. On the day of registration, you and your husband/wife visit the Marriage Registrar Office along with two witnesses with your Original Documents.
9. Your Marriage would get registered on the same day and you will get your Marriage Certificate on the Same Day in tatkal process and after 21 days in normal process.
10. You just need to visit only once, rest of the process will be completed by us as per your convenience at your home.
11. Refund Policy: Full in case of NO REGISTRATION

Documents required for मैरिज रजिस्ट्रेशन/Marriage Certificate  Purpose:

Marriage Certificate

  1. ID proof: Aadhar/Voter ID.

  2. Address Proof: Passport/Voter ID/Aadhar Card.

  3. Date of Birth Proof: Class Xth Certificate/ Passport/Birth Certificate/DL

  4. Phoots: 5-5 passport size photograph each with 1 Marriage Photo.

  5. 1 Marriage Invitation Card in original

  6. Witnesses

    (a) ID Proof: Pan Card. (Mandatory)

    (b) Address Proof: Aadhar/Voter/Passport

Marriage Certificate Fees

Marriage Certificate Fees

Since Various legal and technical issues are involved in Marriage Registration/Court Marriage process, and due to lack of knowledge about the Government process, rules and procedure for registering the marriage, also, all the Marriage Registrar Offices in Delhi NCR are following different procedures, so people often cheated or looted by the ‘Dalals’ or ‘Agents’ outside the Government office or online and paid a huge amount to get their work done from the government office. Sometimes the clerk at the Marriage Registrar offices also rejected the appointment due to some silly mistakes in the application which they can rectify easily.

Therefore, we started this one-stop solution, under one roof, we make sure that your Marriage Registration application should be prepared as per Government’s rules & procedure so that you will not face any issue on the day of appointment. On the day of appointment at Marriage Registration office, you just need to verify your original documents to the office bearers and sign the certificate.

Our Pricing for Marriage Certificate are too low as compared to other service provider in Delhi NCR. We can assure this to you, that no one can met with the services and pricing quoted by us.


  • For Couples having Aadhar/Voter ID with Delhi Address:

  • Our Charges : 1500 + Govt. Fees Extra (from 500 to 1500) depends on Date of Marriage.

  • Note: Between 0 to 60 days govt fees will be 500, between 61 day to 180 days govt. fees will be 1000 and after 180 days govt. fees would be 1500.

  • For Tatkal total charges would be increased by 2000, (1000 govt. fees extra and 1000 our Consultancy Charges extra).

The fees of the government for the Marriage Registration purpose vary from State to state.

Court Marriage

Eligibility Conditions

  • Bride’s age is just more than 18 years and groom’s age is just more than 21 years

  • Either of Groom and Bride should be a citizen of India.

  • The jurisdiction of Marriage Registration will be based on either place of residence as per the aadhar of the husband or where the marriage ceremony was performed.

  • Two witnesses for Hindu Marriage registration and three witnesses for the Special Marriage Act registration should go to the Marriage Registrar’s office on the day of registration.

Beware of Fraud Lawyers in Delhi

Marriage Certificate

There are a number of fake agents in Delhi NCR, who represent themselves as lawyers. Actually, they are former clerks of lawyer’s offices who cheated their seniors and now are blacklisted in courts. So, beware of such kind of fake people. Your privacy will be at stake if you share your documents like Aadhar with them as your bank account details are also linked with aadhar.

If anyone is speaking in English it doesn’t mean he is actually a lawyer.

To check the authenticity of a lawyer always ask for their Registration number and Govt. approved ID Cards. If you are paying your lawyer for any Consultancy its your right to check their identity if he is actually a lawyer or not.

If Number is not reachable, unanswered, busy or late night then just send ‘Hi’ on WhatsApp number 8800456514, we will contact you back as soon as possible


Marriage Certificate

Marriage Certificate

Marriage Certificate

  • Court Marriage

  • Temple Marriage

  • Same Day Marriage Registration

  • Marriage Certificate Under Special Marriage Act’ 1954

  • Marriage Registration Under Hindu Marriage Act.

  • Certificate of Marriage Under Anand Marriage Act.

  • Christian Marriage Registration.

  • Muslim Marriage Registration.

  • Inter Religion Marriage.

  • Marriage Registration in Delhi.

  • Marriage Certificate in Noida.

  • Certificate of Marriage in Ghaziabad.

  • Online Marriage Certificate

Marriage Certificate

Who can apply for Marriage Registration?

If you are already married you can apply for the marriage registration certificate under two acts one is the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 and the other one is the Special Marriage Act, 1954. Where both the husband and wife belong to Hindus, Buddhists, Jains or Sikhs or where they have converted into any of these religions, the Hindu Marriage Act is applicable. In the other case where husband or wife or both the persons are not belonging to these communities Special Marriage Act, 1954 is applicable. Have a look at further stated information to know more.



Marriage Certificate

Marriage Certificate

Above all, we are the best service provider in the field for Marriage Registration. Most importantly, we believe in Client relationships and not to just earn money only.

As a result we have thousands of happy and satisfied Clients all over the world.

All clients who availed our services and are fully satisfied.

However the best part is all our past clients are still in touch with us.

Also, they are providing references of their friends, family and relatives.


Client’s Privacy is our Top Priority…

Our Clients shares their details like documents and other confidential details or credentials, and we take special care to keep their details safe and secure for any unauthorized use in future. We do not share our client’s data to any one like these days some fake agents are uploading their client’s photos or Marriage Certificates on their website to tell people that they are trustworthy. Actually they are playing with their client’s privacy which is a crime as per law.

Do not take risk of sharing credentials or documents to fraudsters and compromise your privacy.